Hats… NO MORE!

10 Jan


I’m absolutely loosing my mind over hats (and not in a good way.) Hats. I’m done with ’em. For Christmas Knits I had to knit about 13 (if not more) and I am so sick of hats. Although I did discover a good, reliable hat called the Regular Guy Beanie. It’s a quick knit, easily modifiable, and looks good on just about everybody.

Thankfully, now that the hat madness (and Christmas knitting madness) is over, I can choose what I want to knit. I finished a Tattered Shawl by Sachiko Burgin for my best friend, Kristi, and I also finished a coffee cup cozy by Sweatshop of Love. I completed yet another Travelling Woman by Liz Abinante for a co-worker’s sister and I have the most glorious plans for a skein of dreamy cashmere yarn that my friend, Nicole, gave to me for Christmas. The new year has me feeling excited for the chance to knit new and glorious things and for stash busting. Which I DESPERATELY need to do.

But for now, hats can suck it. NO MORE HATS… for now…


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