I’m The Worst Kind of Knitter…

16 Mar

I’m the worst kind of knitter. I’m the IMPATIENT knitter. I want my knitting to be done NOW so I can see the beautiful result of my hard work.

This is not a good thing to be, I have learned. Especially on my latest quest to complete the lovely Lenore Sweater by Lisa Mutch so that I could post the finished product here and get started on something awesome for you, my lovely readers.

I took some pictures yesterday of the finished body.


And was so excited that I even posted pictures on Twitter and emailed them to Lisa, Kristi, and Kim.


You guys know Kim. I speak of her awesomeness on a weekly basis. She runs At Knits End Yarns and is my go-to dyer. And her yarn always smells so yummy that I ALWAYS stick my nose in it.


So now that I’ve explained that I’m an impatient knitter, I’ll explain the following picture:

This blurry awesomeness was taken by my Fiance who admits this is the most unflattering picture of me ever. In my hurry to knit this up quickly, I didn’t quite read Lisa’s instructions as well as I should have. And when figuring out what size I needed to knit, I measured underneath my bust, instead of across my bust. So what we have going on in that picture is a very tight/taut back piece.

WOE IS ME, my darlings! I effed this one up real good. So last night Fiance, Kristi, and I waited on baited breath for a response from Lisa as to what should be done. Should I keep on knitting and hope that with a good blocking, the back would be magically fixed? Or should I unravel it all and start all over?

Lisa thinks with a good steaming, the piece will loosen up. And I’m really hoping she’s right! I have some AWESOME things that need to get knitted so that I can do some AWESOME giveaways for you guys. I can’t do the giveaways until I’ve knit the awesome things that need to be knitted. I can’t knit the awesome things until I finish my cardigan.

This is why it does NOT pay off to be an impatient knitter. I should have taken my time with this project instead of trying to zip through it so I could have a new sweater to wear.

What is the worst knitting mistake you’ve made due to impatience? Have you ever run into the same mistake I did?


3 Responses to “I’m The Worst Kind of Knitter…”

  1. Erron March 16, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    Little mistakes = big ones. I am no stranger to this phenomenon. I once knit a baby sweater that fit my four year old. Whoops! I checked gauge, but I thought I should adjust for the yarn I was using – long story. I think you sweater will loosen up some too. What’s the alternative? Start over?

    Gorgeous colour, by the way! It suits you well.

  2. shannon March 16, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    I totally made the same mistake a month ago knitting the ICED sweater. . . For myself.

    My 8 year old daughter loves it.

  3. weekend knitter March 25, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Too many times to count, lol! If I had a dime for every time I have to rip back and start over, I’d be a rich lady. Don’t get me started on lace patterns! Even simple ones I usually wind up having to rip back at some point.

    I second that this color looks great on you! I have a thing for warm colors. 🙂

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