KNITSPIRATION: Lenore by Lisa Mutch

2 Apr


Today is the very first day that I’ll be doing Knitspiration boards for the things I’m knitting! Look for new Knitspiration boards every Monday.

I’ve been knitting the Lenore by Lisa Mutch since I finished Nightlock and I’ve gotta admit, I’m really mad at myself with this knit. First, I didn’t pay attention to the pattern so I knit the sweater too small. And then this weekend, I wasn’t paying attention to my knitting, and ended up doing a section of stockinette on the edging instead of garter. So I had to rip back about five really really really long rows. BAH. Now I think I’m on the right track. And hopefully I won’t mess up anymore!

Anyway, here are some things that are keeping me inspired/things that I think of while knitting this sweater:

– “Painting the Roses Red”
– The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
– Edgar Allen Poe
– Red Wine (since the yarn I’m using is Tip It Ewe Lush by At Knits End Yarns!)
– Rubies
– Tip It Ewe Lush yarn by At Knits End Yarns
– Ruby Gloom

What makes you inspired to knit? Do you come up with silly boards like this in your head like I do?


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