KNITSPIRATION: Torrent by Lisa Mutch

16 Apr


Today’s Knitspiration is all over the place. I started knitting Torrent by Lisa Mutch (which will be released soon!) after I finished doing my special bat shawl for Miss Kim from At Knits End Yarns using her beautiful Sheena Ewe Punk Rocker (did you know that Kim is giving a skein of it away? Check the last blog post!)

The bat shawl aggravated me. I kept making stupid simple mistakes and my best friend, Kristi, said to me “I know why you’re making so many mistakes and unraveling so much work lately. It’s because you’re not challenging yourself! Do what challenges you and what you’re good at… knit super complex lace shawls!” And she’s right, I was boring myself. I’d been doing so much mindless stockinette with the Bat Shawl and Lenore that I was just downright bored. The most exciting thing I’d done was the Nightlock and the only reason that challenged me was because of the color work!

So I decided to knit Torrent because Lisa’s Nightlock was very zen-filled and I needed some zen. Plus, Torrent is a little challenging because of the color changes.

ANYWAY, so the knitspiration explanation…

– CANADA! (Lisa’s from Canada. I’m using Lisa’s yarn for the Torrent PLUS Torrent is her design.)
– Zig Zags
– Lotus (The lotus flower is very zen to me. And as this is a zen knit, I immediately thought of the lovely flower!)
– 30 Rock & Supernatural (I’ve been watching these shows a lot while knitting.)
– Chinchilla Blanket (I have a faux chinchilla fur blanket from Target that I wrapped myself up in this weekend while knitting)
-Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards
– Coffee and Smoothies (Things that gave me energy this weekend while knitting!)

What’s been inspiring you while you’ve been knitting? Or what’s been inspiring you to knit?


2 Responses to “KNITSPIRATION: Torrent by Lisa Mutch”

  1. Stacey Slager (@yarnsalad) April 17, 2012 at 9:32 am #

    I saw Torrent was viewed a lot on Ravelry. Glad to know someone I know is knitting it!

  2. Karen Berthine April 22, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    I find I am most inspired knitting-wise when I ride ferries. There’s something about the colors of the sea that draw me: watching the dark blue waves crest into white caps, an array of birds flying between sky and sea, harbor seals swimming just below the surface, the black muscles tenaciously clinging to rocks … makes me itch to pick up yarns in blue-black and knit gossamar shawls.

    Okay … other stuff inspires me too. Walking home one day I passed an amazing brilliant magenta bougainvilla clinging to the wall of a rather ordinary cream colored house. As soon as I walked in the door I headed for my stash and rooted around until I found something magenta. It was cotton and I had a lot so I warped a loom … magenta kitchen towels!

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