BAHHHHHHHHHHH! (And not like a sheep!)

25 Apr


I’m gonna just go ahead and say it…

For fuck’s sake. And BBBAAAHHHHHHH!

And now that I’ve gotten THAT out of my system…

This is the unfinished baby sleeping sack I knit for Project: Knit for Erron. I finished it yesterday, but I seem to have a problem with posting finished objects. I rarely block things after I finish them. I bind off, and just move on to the next thing. I still need to block and post pictures of the Sheena Bat Shawl, my finished Torrent, and a finished picture of this baby sleeping sack. And I need to write up my commentary on them.

The baby sleep sack and the Sheena Bat Shawl aren’t even for me! I need to get those knits out the door! I LOVE knitting for people. I really really do. I just have a problem getting their knits in the mail. And I love knitting for other people as long as I get to choose what I’m knitting. I’m hard headed and don’t like being told what to knit.

With that being said, I was SUPER excited because here I was, thinking out of the box and going to knit Atmospheric by Meghan Jackson in Northbound Knitting Lace (instead of fingering weight like it calls for) and while I was putting my size 4 Knit Picks Harmony interchangable needles onto a longer cable, my effing needle snapped right at the metal base. And oh boy, there was some screaming in the apartment this morning. Fiance and his children thought I had hurt myself. Nope, I just effing managed to break the only pair of size four needles I own. Great. AWESOME.

So now I’m going to try and use the only size 3’s I have by Chiao Goo that are sucky because of the join but I’m going to try to use anyway because I’m stubborn.

Recap: I’m a frustrated and seriously cranky knitter today.


2 Responses to “BAHHHHHHHHHHH! (And not like a sheep!)”

  1. Karen Berthine April 25, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    Been there! On behalf of all of us ladies of the grandmotherly age who have been knitting for half a century, let me let you in a little secret remedy for these kinds of days: More chocolate. 🙂

  2. Curls & Q April 25, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

    I’m right there with you! I’ll finish something but actually mailing it…… I second what Karen says chocolate cures all! Lol!

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