30 Apr


Darlings, I truly was in a funk… a knitting funk. It was one of those funks that I didn’t even realize I was in.

You know what got me out of the funk? Socks. Socks got me out of the funk.

Now, I’ve always been a knitter who said no to socks. And here’s why, when you knit, I’m gonna guess you put a lot of effort into your knitting, right? So why knit something that you put a lot of effort into, then stick it on your feet, walk around on it, and end up wearing holes in it? That’s what happens with socks. And your feet, let’s be honest, are kinda gross. I mean, you walk all day, your feet sweat, they are gross things. So you’re gonna put time and effort into these things that are gonna go on your feet? No, thank you. And the thought of holes in my socks? That’s just heartbreaking.

So I’ve always said “No” to socks. Up until last week when my knitting friend, Deb, said “no really, you should try socks.” And I sighed and gave in.

Sometimes to get yourself out of a funk, you have to try something completely different than what you’re used to. And for me and my knitting funk, socks were my completely different thing.

My knitspiration this week consists of things that are helping me to get out of my knitting funk.

– Socks! (Pictured are my first pair of socks that I’ve completed. I finished them this past Saturday and couldn’t be more proud of myself!)
– Coffee (Lack of sleep has made me cranky. So coffee is keeping me going.)
– The Vandals (I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. Their lyrics are hilarious and their “melodies” [for lack of a better term] are super effin’ catchy.)
Erron (She’s in the back of my mind whenever I knit something. My next pair of socks are going to go to her! Plus, when I was in a really bad sneaky hate spiral this week, she cheered me up, listened to me bitch about my problems, and was very kind to me. What more could you ask for in a friend?)
Northbound Knitting (aka Miss Lisa Mutch. Lisa is also part of my knitspiration because she was huge part of me not giving up this week. Lisa is a wonderful cheerleader for me and is so kind and generous sometimes I think she’s actually trying to make me cry from being so awesome.)

I would have pictured my knitting friend Deb but I don’t want to put up a picture of her without her permission. She taught me how to knit toe up socks without a pattern, talked me through all of my questions, and cheered me on as I completed some of the more “difficult” portions of my socks. This week I don’t know what I would have done without Deb, Erron, and Lisa. These ladies are TRULY amazing.

What helps to get you out of a funk? Who are your cheerleaders?


2 Responses to “KNITSPIRATION: What a Funk I Was In”

  1. Curls & Q May 1, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    Glad you’re out of your funk! Nothing worse. 8-( Sister Barb is the one who can get me out of my funk! We’re ready to try socks, but I know what you mean – all of that effort to WALK on them and get them DIRTY! Hum……

    • brittvicious May 1, 2012 at 9:13 am #

      Socks are seriously scary things! But after knitting my first pair, I’m knitting gift socks… that I wish I could keep for myself!

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