Taking One Thing At A Time

8 May

There are times that I need to remind myself that I need to take one thing at a time. And that is really hard for me to do when so many things need to be done. I have a mental checklist of all the things that need to be knitted and a mental checklist of everything that needs to be blocked. This weekend I had some time to do some blocking.


I got Erron’s sleeping sack blocked for Project: Knit for Erron, Kim’s Sheena Bat Shawl, and my Torrent. Not to mention I finished Erron’s socks and started on a pair for my mom as a Mother’s Day present.


And yet I know there’s still more things to be done! I’ve got to finish the second sock for my mom and Kim is hosting a KAL that starts on the 18th (You should check it out and do it… I dare you!) And because I’m knitting this particular pair of socks so quickly, I keep thinking about what I can knit between now and next Friday.

Instead of taking it one thing at a time, I seem to want to knit all the things! And I’m trying to cram a lot of knitting into a small amount of time.

Do you do this? Cram a bunch of knitting into a small amount of time? Does that work out for you or do you end up not being able to finish what you had hoped?


One Response to “Taking One Thing At A Time”

  1. Sandi Blanc (@TheBlueEwe) May 8, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Hey are your needles ready. Mine are poised, my yarn has been wound, and I’m ready. I wish it would hurry up cuz my hands are getting tired and I have a mental list of the things that have to be done before (not that they will get done).

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