There Are No Pictures in This Post

31 Jul

[No seriously. There are no pictures.]

It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted. And that’s not to say that I had nothing to say. I just didn’t know how to say it. And I still don’t.

I’ve had so many things going on. I’ve been doing a decent amount of test knitting for Butterfly Knits (who is one of the newest sponsors of MVK!) and I just finished knitting my very first commissioned piece.

It’s really exciting and SUPER gratifying when people in the knitting and yarn community come to you and would like to do something with you or have you knit something for them. And I was so completely thrilled that Berry Colorful Yarnings came to me and asked me to knit a shawl with her yarn for a sample piece. I mean, really, it’s an amazingly awesome feeling.

To me it feels like (and maybe I’m just thinking very highly of myself) my talents are finally getting noticed. I’m a quick and skilled knitter. I knit Sugar Mountain by Butterfly Knits (aka Meghan Jackson) for Berry Colorful Yarnings in less than three days. Three days and I finished an entire shawl. That’s amazing to me! (Next post, I swear, I’ll talk about the pattern and the yarn. I just don’t think I’ve got it in me today. Plus, I don’t have any pictures!)

I guess the other reason I’d been delaying on posting is that I felt like the blog wasn’t really mine. That I was focusing more on my readers and what they wanted than what I wanted.

I absolutely adore my readers, and I’d love for you guys to stick around, but I think I’m going to focus more on what I’d like to be writing about with my knitting. Not what I think you all want to hear. Because really, it would make me fake if I were just to write what I thought people wanted to hear.

So, let me say something that I’ve wanted to say for awhile and just haven’t found the time to say.

Lisa Mutch, of Northbound Knitting. I really didn’t want to like her when I first started talking to her. No, I mean, I REALLY didn’t want to like her. For no reason in particular other than I’m just a misanthrope. But how the fuck can you NOT like someone who is willing to bend over backwards to help you out when you have problems with their pattern due to your own stupidity?

Lisa is an amazing friend, a talented yarn & fiber dyer, and a superb designer. If you’re lucky to get your paws on one of her awesome skeins of yarn, make sure you use it for something AMAZING. I am lucky enough to have my very own colorway because of her.

[Ok, so maybe I lied. There’s ONE picture in this post.]

I’ve come into contact with some amazing dyers and designers over the past few months. And I’m seriously hoping I continue to!

Also, now that the ball has kinda started rolling, I’m available for test knitting (for free!) and sample/commissioned knitting (for a fee of yarnz or money.) Send me an email at if you’re interested.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Those knitters participating in Project: Knit for Erron NEED to get in contact with me! I’ve gotta get these wonderful knits on their way to Erron. So send me an email, or leave a comment.


One Response to “There Are No Pictures in This Post”

  1. Deb R July 31, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    Good for you. You knit for how it makes you feel, blogging should be the same.

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