I’ve Never Been Good With Anniversaries…

27 Nov

Seriously. I’ve NEVER been good with remembering them. One year my boyfriend and I actually forgot our anniversary… and our anniversary lasts for two days!

So it’s unfortunately not a surprise that I’ve forgotten the anniversary of the day I started Miss Vicious Knits (which was apparently September 6th.) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!

I feel like it has been a year of ups and downs. Lots of knitting and lots of unraveling and lots of stashing away pretty yarns for projects that I may never have the time to knit.

But also, because of this blog, I’ve had the joy of getting to meet you. Yes, you. You in all your fabulousness, dear reader. You keep me writing and plugging along and researching and digging deep within myself to find things that inspire. You give advice when needed and praise even when it’s undeserved. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!

Here’s to us, and our writing/reading relationship, and let’s hope there are many more to come.

Also, I’m sorry. I didn’t get you a present. Yes, I know, it looks bad. I’m sorry. Oh baby don’t cry. I’ll get you that shiny skein of yarn you wanted. Now go put on a pretty dress and I’ll take you somewhere real nice.


One Response to “I’ve Never Been Good With Anniversaries…”

  1. Jillian November 27, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Happy Anniversary, Miss V! You are an inspiration to me! And not just when it comes to knitting! ❤

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