Waffle House Socks [February Socks Part Three]

18 Mar


Yarn Used: Northbound Knitting Superwash BFL/Nylon Fingering in Midnight
Pattern: Waffle House Socks by Bklynhandspun
Needle Size: US1

Let me start off by saying that I could not get a good picture of these socks to save my life. Sometimes I’m luck with my phone and can get great pictures. And sometimes… well… not so much.

The Yarn
Midnight is one of my favorite colorways to work with. (On second thought, am I saying that about all Northbound Knitting yarn?) It gives just enough varigation to make the passed over stitches pop out, which I really dig. I didn’t want a pair of crazy colored socks and Midnight really just called out to me. It’s a dark grey with light grey sprinkled around. That’s right. I said “sprinkled”. And you know what? That’s what makes it fabulous.
The superwash BFL/Nylon has a nice ply to it and just like my Toxic Socks, it is soft and squishy. Hooray soft and squishy!

The Pattern
The Waffle House pattern is a little monotonous with its two row repeat. However, the PYSO made me pay attention. Plus, the socks remind me of thermal! And the recipient (Lisa), lives in Canada which makes me think she needs warm things and thermal reminds me of warm! My crazy thought process helped push me to finish the project.

I know I’ve been less than consistent with my blogging. As most of you know, life is sometimes crazy and gets in the way of my writing. I’ve been knitting like a fiend and have drafted up some blog posts so hopefully that will keep me more on top of things.

What have you all been knitting lately? Have you been on a sock kick like I’ve been?
Also, knitters, I need help! Most of the time I consider myself an advanced knitter, with knowledge on different yarns and how to do certain techniques and the like but I have gotten myself stumped. Northbound Knitting has some LOVELY single ply fingering weight yarn (and I recently acquired some) but I realized I’ve never worked with it before. Dear knitters, what do YOU (personally) use single ply yarn for? What is your favorite project using it?

Watched: Lost. More and more Lost.


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  1. Curls & Q February 18, 2015 at 7:55 am #

    Q – Hey Britt I don’t know if you’ll see this in time, but Curls just texted that they didn’t call her in to work today so we’ll be at the office around 9 am. Hope you see this! Feb 18.

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