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Zen Knits

11 Dec

I’ve been knitting a lot of zen projects before the wedding (it went great, by the way!) and up until now. The stress of planning the wedding left me feeling scattered and forgetful so I needed something to easily knit and find my center with and now that the dust has settled (from the wedding) there have been a lot of stressful things going on and I, yet again, have found myself needing projects to help me find my zen (and keep me calm. Stress doesn’t help my Lupus at all!)

The following are my “go-to” projects for finding my zen:

1 – Meditation Mittens by Mary Keenan

2 – Plain Jane/Vanilla toe up socks

3 – Nightlock by Lisa Mutch

4 – Torrent by Lisa Mutch

5 – Diagonal Comfort Blanket by Lion Brand

6 – Log Cabin Blanket (fingering weight yarn, doubled over, and using only scrap yarn)


What are your go to zen knits?



14 May


Knitspiration for the week is a little all over the board.

– Bats (I’m batty for bats! We’ve got bat things all over the apartment!)
– Koigu Yarn (This past week I received my very first skeins of Koigu sock yarn. I had purchased one and my wonderful adopted second mother, Deb, bought me another. I’m very excited to knit some socks with them!)
Knee Bats! (These socks are for the wonderful Lisa from Northbound Knitting. The pattern says that they’re supposed to be knee socks but I didn’t like how the bats looked stretched out after the second repeat. So they’re ankle bats!)
Project: Knit for Erron socks (Did you think I’d forgotten about this project for our lovely Erron? Have you signed up? Are you gonna knit something special for Baby No Name or for Erron? Let me know!)
Coola Products (This weekend I discovered a sunscreen that doesn’t smell like sunscreen. And it’s not greasy either! I’m so terribly excited about it!)
– Starbucks (I need a lot of coffee to keep going. It’s a good thing that there is a Starbucks very close to me wherever I am!)
Anna KAL (This is Tiger and the yarn I will be using when the Anna KAL starts on Friday. Have you signed up?)

What’s keeping you inspired to knit?


30 Apr


Darlings, I truly was in a funk… a knitting funk. It was one of those funks that I didn’t even realize I was in.

You know what got me out of the funk? Socks. Socks got me out of the funk.

Now, I’ve always been a knitter who said no to socks. And here’s why, when you knit, I’m gonna guess you put a lot of effort into your knitting, right? So why knit something that you put a lot of effort into, then stick it on your feet, walk around on it, and end up wearing holes in it? That’s what happens with socks. And your feet, let’s be honest, are kinda gross. I mean, you walk all day, your feet sweat, they are gross things. So you’re gonna put time and effort into these things that are gonna go on your feet? No, thank you. And the thought of holes in my socks? That’s just heartbreaking.

So I’ve always said “No” to socks. Up until last week when my knitting friend, Deb, said “no really, you should try socks.” And I sighed and gave in.

Sometimes to get yourself out of a funk, you have to try something completely different than what you’re used to. And for me and my knitting funk, socks were my completely different thing.

My knitspiration this week consists of things that are helping me to get out of my knitting funk.

– Socks! (Pictured are my first pair of socks that I’ve completed. I finished them this past Saturday and couldn’t be more proud of myself!)
– Coffee (Lack of sleep has made me cranky. So coffee is keeping me going.)
– The Vandals (I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. Their lyrics are hilarious and their “melodies” [for lack of a better term] are super effin’ catchy.)
Erron (She’s in the back of my mind whenever I knit something. My next pair of socks are going to go to her! Plus, when I was in a really bad sneaky hate spiral this week, she cheered me up, listened to me bitch about my problems, and was very kind to me. What more could you ask for in a friend?)
Northbound Knitting (aka Miss Lisa Mutch. Lisa is also part of my knitspiration because she was huge part of me not giving up this week. Lisa is a wonderful cheerleader for me and is so kind and generous sometimes I think she’s actually trying to make me cry from being so awesome.)

I would have pictured my knitting friend Deb but I don’t want to put up a picture of her without her permission. She taught me how to knit toe up socks without a pattern, talked me through all of my questions, and cheered me on as I completed some of the more “difficult” portions of my socks. This week I don’t know what I would have done without Deb, Erron, and Lisa. These ladies are TRULY amazing.

What helps to get you out of a funk? Who are your cheerleaders?

KNITSPIRATION: Project: Knit for Erron

24 Apr


Here is this week’s Knitspiration! It’s a day late because I had a relative come in from out of town so I was busy yesterday. But here it is in all it’s glory!

– Baby Sack (I’m knitting a sleep sack for Project: Knit for Erron. I’ve got some other things I have and will knit for her. But this one is keeping my fingers occupied!)
– Knit Picks Palette Summer Sampler + Lovely Northbound Knitting yarn (This is part of my awesome stash that I get to stare at. I’ve been using the Knit Picks Palette in Marina and Tranquil for Erron’s sleep sack. And next I get to use Northbound Knitting lace in Sullen!)
– Erron (Erron is my knitspiration this week! I’ve been knitting for her and I keep chanting “Must Finish for Erron and Baby No Name!” over and over again in my head.)
Northbound Knitting lace yarn in Sullen (It’s beautiful and gorgeous and the color looks JUST like denim. I get to use it for my next project!)
– Zzyzx (This is my kitten baby. Even though he’s almost a year old, he still keeps me inspired to keep knitting! Mostly so he won’t attack my projects…)
Atmospheric by Meghan Jackson (On Friday, Lisa Mutch & Meghan Jackson released their Strange Rains collection and Atmospheric was on of the designs in the ebook. I am SO excited to get to knit this project next!)
– Peas in a Pod (Erron says she likes bold colors and I figured a nice teal and subtle grey-green would be nice for Baby No Name’s sleep sack. The colors together remind me of peas in a pod!)

KNITSPIRATION: Torrent by Lisa Mutch

16 Apr


Today’s Knitspiration is all over the place. I started knitting Torrent by Lisa Mutch (which will be released soon!) after I finished doing my special bat shawl for Miss Kim from At Knits End Yarns using her beautiful Sheena Ewe Punk Rocker (did you know that Kim is giving a skein of it away? Check the last blog post!)

The bat shawl aggravated me. I kept making stupid simple mistakes and my best friend, Kristi, said to me “I know why you’re making so many mistakes and unraveling so much work lately. It’s because you’re not challenging yourself! Do what challenges you and what you’re good at… knit super complex lace shawls!” And she’s right, I was boring myself. I’d been doing so much mindless stockinette with the Bat Shawl and Lenore that I was just downright bored. The most exciting thing I’d done was the Nightlock and the only reason that challenged me was because of the color work!

So I decided to knit Torrent because Lisa’s Nightlock was very zen-filled and I needed some zen. Plus, Torrent is a little challenging because of the color changes.

ANYWAY, so the knitspiration explanation…

– CANADA! (Lisa’s from Canada. I’m using Lisa’s yarn for the Torrent PLUS Torrent is her design.)
– Zig Zags
– Lotus (The lotus flower is very zen to me. And as this is a zen knit, I immediately thought of the lovely flower!)
– 30 Rock & Supernatural (I’ve been watching these shows a lot while knitting.)
– Chinchilla Blanket (I have a faux chinchilla fur blanket from Target that I wrapped myself up in this weekend while knitting)
-Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards
– Coffee and Smoothies (Things that gave me energy this weekend while knitting!)

What’s been inspiring you while you’ve been knitting? Or what’s been inspiring you to knit?

KNITSPIRATION: Sheena Ewe Punk Rocker by At Knits End Yarns

9 Apr


“Well the kids are all hopped up and ready to go…”

I use a lot of At Knits End Yarns. It’s my go to yarn most of the time. No really, it is. I mean, how many posts have I talked about the yumminess of Kim’s yarn? Hmmm?

But this week I’ve been using Sheena Ewe Punk Rocker and absolutely been dying over it. DYING I SAY. I’ve been knitting something super secret for a SUPER SECRET THING that is happening on Wednesday. Might I suggest you come back here on Wednesday? Hmmm? SECRET THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

Anyway. The things that have been inspiring me while I’ve been working with Sheena are the following:

– The Ramones
– Junko Mizuno’s My Little Pony
– Lavender Peeps
– Bats
– Doc Martens
– Safety Pins
– The Distillers

Sheena is getting me in touch with the punk portion of my soul that I’ve missed. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ramones, Distillers, Bad Religion, Black Flag, and Sex Pistols lately because of it. I’m trying to get in touch with my roots while working on this secret knit. What do you think of Sheena Ewe Punk Rocker? What do you listen to while knitting?


You can purchase Sheena Ewe Punk Rocker and other wonderful kool-aid dyed yarns at At Knits End Yarns on Etsy.

KNITSPIRATION: Lenore by Lisa Mutch

2 Apr


Today is the very first day that I’ll be doing Knitspiration boards for the things I’m knitting! Look for new Knitspiration boards every Monday.

I’ve been knitting the Lenore by Lisa Mutch since I finished Nightlock and I’ve gotta admit, I’m really mad at myself with this knit. First, I didn’t pay attention to the pattern so I knit the sweater too small. And then this weekend, I wasn’t paying attention to my knitting, and ended up doing a section of stockinette on the edging instead of garter. So I had to rip back about five really really really long rows. BAH. Now I think I’m on the right track. And hopefully I won’t mess up anymore!

Anyway, here are some things that are keeping me inspired/things that I think of while knitting this sweater:

– “Painting the Roses Red”
– The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
– Edgar Allen Poe
– Red Wine (since the yarn I’m using is Tip It Ewe Lush by At Knits End Yarns!)
– Rubies
– Tip It Ewe Lush yarn by At Knits End Yarns
– Ruby Gloom

What makes you inspired to knit? Do you come up with silly boards like this in your head like I do?