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February Socks [Part Two]

20 Feb


Here is the second pair of socks that I knitted for February. Ok. So, check out that colorway. No seriously. Check it out. Flotsam is so beautiful that I want to shove it in my mouth. The teal, blue, tan, and green just made me melt into my chair with how gorgeous they were together. I can honestly say that I would not mind AT ALL knitting this pattern again. Especially with this colorway.

Northbound Knitting completely knocked it out of the park with Flotsam. The BFL fingering yarn transformed this Lacy Mock Cable pattern into something more than just a plain old sock. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a tiny bit sad about parting with these. But I’m sending them to Northbound Knitting to keep Lisa’s toes warm so I know that they’re going to a good home!


Watched: Lost. I think I paid more attention to the pretty socks than to the show!

What have you knitted that pleasantly surprised you? Or, what have you knitted that surprised you in a bad way? Let me know!


I’m In Love… An Interview With Lisa Mutch of Northbound Knitting

19 Jun

I don’t review things I don’t like and lie to my readers, pretending I like things I really don’t. And I don’t go on and on about people/things/yarns/patterns that I don’t absolutely fucking adore. Case in point – I absolutely adore Lisa Mutch of Northbound Knitting. Her designs are amazing, her yarns are exquisite, and she is an absolute joy to know. So when I found out she had two new designs coming out, I really felt like it was time to re-interview her and see what was going on with one of my favorite people in the Knitting World.

Everlong Legwarmers by Lisa Mutch

Everlong Legwarmers by Lisa Mutch

Miss Vicious Knits: Where is your yarn being sold?
Lisa Mutch: As of right now, besides the nbk Etsy shop, nbk yarns are being sold at Lettuce Knit in Toronto, Canada, Jules Wollshop in Bielefeld, Germany, Yarnaholic  in Chiba-ken, Japan, Meadow Yarn in Suffolk, UK, and in the US at In The Loop in Norfolk, MA and Do Ewe Knit in Hoboken, NJ.

MVK: What are some description words for these new patterns?
LM: uhm…descriptive words for my designs are always kinda the same. Simple, geometric, bold…..that sounds like such a shit answer though.

MVK: Any new color ways coming out?
LM: Yes, always new colourways coming out! Every month I release a new colourway for the nbk yarn club but also try to add new colourways to the updates when I can.

MVK: How do you keep coming up with these patterns? What inspires you?
LM: I have so many design ideas, I just can’t seem to knit them fast enough!  I don’t know exactly where they come from but usually stem from an idea for something I would want to wear. I’m very particular with my clothing and shawls and often will look at patterns but can never find exactly what I have in mind. So I just create it myself.

Nazar Shawl by Lisa Mutch

MVK: How do you manage your time? You’re ridiculously busy but still manage to design, dye, take care of two kids, and knit for yourself!
LM: How do I manage my time? Good question! I am slightly obsessive with list making and being very organized. Every day I follow my to-do list and try to be as time-effective as I possibly can be, while still spending quality time with my children and saving a little bit of time for myself every day. Usually in the evening, after the kids are in bed is my quiet, alone time. And chances are you can find me knitting, having a glass of wine then.

MVK: Who are designers/dyers that you look up to?
LM:  There are lots of dyers and designers that I like but honestly, I try not to pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing. And that makes me sound like a snob, which I’m not. [MVK NOTE: It’s true, she’s not!]

Nazar by Lisa Mutch

Nazar by Lisa Mutch

MVK: What do you have on  the needles right now?
LM: Right now I’m working on a few new designs. A merino/silk dk cowl, an alpaca/silk/cashmere shawl and a few other ideas I’m swatching for.

MVK: We’re halfway through 2013. Did you have a knitting goal for the year? Have you achieved it?
LM: I don’t really set out knitting goals for myself, I just knit.

Nectar, Oleander, Medusa, Sapphire, and Nocturne

Nectar, Oleander, Medusa, Sapphire, and Nocturne

MVK: What should we be looking for from you over the next six months?
LM:  I don’t have anything exciting coming up soooo……yarn fiber and knitting patterns?

photo 1

Gelato socks by Chrissy Gardiner using Nocturne by Lisa Mutch

MVK: Every knitter has a “DUH” moment with a knitting project. Tell us bout one of your funniest knitting adventures.
LM:  I have been thinking hard about this one, but can’t come up with anything! I’m so boring.

MVK: You’re becoming rather larger (and, you know, a “big deal”) How does that make you feel?
LM: Haha, I don’t know about a ‘big deal’ but you’re right, things are steadily getting busier and busier over at chez nbk and to be honest, it’s so flattering for me. To think that so many people all around the world are knitting designs I’ve created or knitting with yarn I’ve dyed, is amazing. I feel very lucky, grateful and proud of all the recognition and positive feedback I’ve received from so many people.

Gelato socks by Chrissy Gardiner using Nocturne by Lisa Mutch

Gelato socks by Chrissy Gardiner using Nocturne by Lisa Mutch


Lisa’s newest designs are a comfy pair of legwarmers called Everlong and a beautiful shawl named Nazar and they’re coming out soon!

In the next week or so I plan on posting interviews with the amazing Ruth Garcia-Alcantud of Rock and Purl and Miss Andi Satterlund of Untangling Knots. There are many designers and dyers of the knitting world that I think my readers should be exposed to. And these are just two out of many! If you could ask any designer/dyer any question, who would you ask and what would it be?

Has It REALLY Been A Month?

25 Sep

Has it really been a month since I last blogged?

Zzyzx says “Why yes, yes it has.”

And what have I been working on?

Well, I’ve been taking on as much commission knitting as my little fingers can handle. A couple of days after my birthday I finished a sample for Cherry Tree Hill Yarns. It’s a lace weight scarf called Gypsy Rose.


It was an absolute delight to knit! And then I did some work for Miss Donna Druchunas which just got mailed out to her yesterday! Here are some pictures from that –




And now I’m taking a tiny break and knitting a Vanadium by Lisa Mutch (aka Northbound Knitting) for my Momma!

What’s been on your needles, darlings? Have you tackled any big projects? Oh, and have you thought about the fact that Christmas is only a few months away?

There Are No Pictures in This Post

31 Jul

[No seriously. There are no pictures.]

It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted. And that’s not to say that I had nothing to say. I just didn’t know how to say it. And I still don’t.

I’ve had so many things going on. I’ve been doing a decent amount of test knitting for Butterfly Knits (who is one of the newest sponsors of MVK!) and I just finished knitting my very first commissioned piece.

It’s really exciting and SUPER gratifying when people in the knitting and yarn community come to you and would like to do something with you or have you knit something for them. And I was so completely thrilled that Berry Colorful Yarnings came to me and asked me to knit a shawl with her yarn for a sample piece. I mean, really, it’s an amazingly awesome feeling.

To me it feels like (and maybe I’m just thinking very highly of myself) my talents are finally getting noticed. I’m a quick and skilled knitter. I knit Sugar Mountain by Butterfly Knits (aka Meghan Jackson) for Berry Colorful Yarnings in less than three days. Three days and I finished an entire shawl. That’s amazing to me! (Next post, I swear, I’ll talk about the pattern and the yarn. I just don’t think I’ve got it in me today. Plus, I don’t have any pictures!)

I guess the other reason I’d been delaying on posting is that I felt like the blog wasn’t really mine. That I was focusing more on my readers and what they wanted than what I wanted.

I absolutely adore my readers, and I’d love for you guys to stick around, but I think I’m going to focus more on what I’d like to be writing about with my knitting. Not what I think you all want to hear. Because really, it would make me fake if I were just to write what I thought people wanted to hear.

So, let me say something that I’ve wanted to say for awhile and just haven’t found the time to say.

Lisa Mutch, of Northbound Knitting. I really didn’t want to like her when I first started talking to her. No, I mean, I REALLY didn’t want to like her. For no reason in particular other than I’m just a misanthrope. But how the fuck can you NOT like someone who is willing to bend over backwards to help you out when you have problems with their pattern due to your own stupidity?

Lisa is an amazing friend, a talented yarn & fiber dyer, and a superb designer. If you’re lucky to get your paws on one of her awesome skeins of yarn, make sure you use it for something AMAZING. I am lucky enough to have my very own colorway because of her.

[Ok, so maybe I lied. There’s ONE picture in this post.]

I’ve come into contact with some amazing dyers and designers over the past few months. And I’m seriously hoping I continue to!

Also, now that the ball has kinda started rolling, I’m available for test knitting (for free!) and sample/commissioned knitting (for a fee of yarnz or money.) Send me an email at if you’re interested.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Those knitters participating in Project: Knit for Erron NEED to get in contact with me! I’ve gotta get these wonderful knits on their way to Erron. So send me an email, or leave a comment.

REVIEW: RicRac by Meghan Jackson

11 Jul


Sometimes when people write reviews, they ooh and aah over something but don’t give me the details I really want. Like, can this pattern be modified? What are some obstacles I might come across? Can you use another descriptor for the pattern other than “lovely”?

So while I test-knit (remember I said I was working on some top secret knits?) RicRac for Meghan Jackson, I took notes. I wrote down things I came across or things I thought my readers might like to know about the pattern. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a lot of the time when I knit, I think I know better than the designer. “Oh, I can do THIS instead of what they asked for!” And a lot of the time it works… and sometimes it doesn’t. In this particular case, the pattern can easily be modified.


RicRac calls for 500 yards of fingering weight yarn and for the pattern to be knit with US size 6 needles. What did I do? I used 463 yards of fingering weight yarn (At Knit’s End ‘Tip It Ewe Lush’) and US size 5s. I didn’t want to use a skein and just a little bit of a second so I figured if I went down a needle size, then the lack of yardage would be ok. And you know what? It was. I scraped by with a little bit of yarn left over. Although, knitting RicRac the way I did produces a smaller shawl (yeah, it’s kind of a shawlette.) And the pattern calls for beads. I didn’t do the beads. I’ve never done beadwork in any of my knitting and for a test knit, I wasn’t willing to potentially eff things up trying something ELSE entirely new.

RicRac is knit top down and has a garter body. Then it is turned to knit a short row lace border (something I’d never done before.) There are written AND chart instructions, both are super easy (if you have down the basic knitting skills) & fun to follow. Plus, the entire knit took me 8 days to finish. I worked on it inconsistently but dedicated some serious hours to it.

I’ll admit, by the time I was halfway through the garter body, I was pushing myself to finish. It got a little monotonous. BUT the lace section was fun! And I know I’ve said before that I don’t like knitting in pattern on the wrong side of lace work, I’d rather just purl, but even following a pattern on the wrong side didn’t bother me.

Seriously, if you’re looking for an interesting knit, I HIGHLY suggest this one. It’s zen with the garter body, but interesting with the lace border.


AMAZING Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It…

11 Jun

You remember how I’ve been complaining about being in a knitting funk? NOT ANYMORE!

That’s why I’ve been so quiet; I’ve been too busy knitting! So what have I been knitting? Well, I finished knitting Atmospheric by Meghan Jackson.


I absolutely could not put it down! Every moment I had some free time I picked it up and knit until I couldn’t knit anymore. And you know how I hate knitting anything other than purl on the wrong side rows? This pattern asks you to knit the pattern on the wrong side and it absolutely didn’t bother me. This pattern is out of this world! I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone looking for a little something different to knit.

Oh, and FYI, I used Northbound Knitting’s fingering weight yarn in Chanterelle. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this yarn. The base is SUPER soft (and for the life of me I can’t remember what it is… BFL maybe?) and the color isn’t normally something I’d choose to knit with but it came out looking ABSOLUTELY delicious! Atmospheric was knit for my good friend, Lisa, and I cannot WAIT to see how it looks on her!

And since the end of May, I’ve been test knitting Heliophysics (also by Meghan Jackson) This knit was designed for Wrapped Up in Yummy Yarn Club and the pattern is available through the club or will be available for individual download in October.


Before Heliophysics, I’d never knit a circular shawl before. So I had to learn a new cast on method and get used to the idea that this shawl was going to be ginormous! I decided to not knit with lace weight (like the pattern calls for) but instead use this very nice cone (900 yards bitches!) of Harrisville Shetland Fingering in Blackberry which had been recommended to me by my lovely friend, Miss Kim. I’ve got to admit, the yarn is kinda scratchy but I have a feeling that with a good washing, the shawl will soften up.

Anyway, this design is ALSO amazing. You knit a row in pattern and then the next row you knit all the way across. It’s nice because I feel like I’m being challenged but then I also get to knit a mindless row after the challenge! I’ve been knitting this non-stop and cannot wait to knit something else by Meghan. What an AMAZING designer. (Have I said she’s amazing? No? SHE IS AMAZING!)

Enough about my knitting. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been toting around my very own POKI! bag by Moonfire Handknits. What’s a POKI!? Well, it’s this wonderful little notions bag, created by my wonderful sponsor (and good friend) Vicki. Here’s a picture of my POKI!:


Inside there are many pockets for those squirrelly stitch markers that like to get lost or you can put row counters or safety pins or even little bottles of booze! (You know, for those times when your project becomes just a little bit more than a pain in the ass.) You can cinch your bag closed, throw it in your purse (or project bag) and away you go! I’ve been carrying mine around for the past couple of weeks to see if I loved it enough to recommend it to you. And guess what? I DO!

Moonfire Handknits and I teamed up to create a Miss Vicious Knits edition of the POKI! On Wednesday, you’ll be able to enter in and one lucky reader will win their own POKI! How exciting is that?

See? I promised you guys exciting things. I don’t back out on my promises.

So, my wonderful darlings, what projects have gotten you all in a tizzy? Oh, and did you participate in World Knit In Public Day this past Saturday? Where did you knit?

Knitting Funk… AGAIN.

30 May


I know I’ve been awfully quiet lately. For those that follow me on Twitter, you already know that I had a biopsy on my hand a couple weeks ago and so I was nursing that. And it was in a really awkward place which made it hard to type and to knit. Also, I really didn’t have anything to write about.

I’ve been working on knitting socks a lot lately. And the picture at the top of this post is a finished Anna shawl by Franklin Habit that I completed for Kim’s KAL. After all the frustration (pattern and personal frustration) with that shawl, I was feeling sort of like I was in a knitting funk again.

I’m the kind of person who likes to give people things. Giving people things gives me extreme joy. And unfortunately, like most people, I don’t have a lot of money. So I knit gifts for people. I had promised socks for Kim and socks for Lisa and there’s always knitting going on for Project: Knit for Erron. But after finishing that shawl I was very blah-tastic. After consulting some trusty knitter friends, I decided to take a small break from the gift knitting and knit myself some socks. I’m currently working on some plain socks for myself knit with Crazy Zauberball. And besides some small errors that I’m making, I’m REALLY loving working with the yarn.


There’s nothing quite like working with yarn like this. It’s been super nice because I never know what color is coming next or how it’ll look knit up.

After these socks, it’s back to gift knitting. I find that it is super hard for me to knit for other knitters because I’m afraid that they’ll think my work isn’t good enough or that the yarn I used is crappy. I’ve been very careful which of my knitter friends I’ve promised gifts to because of that.

Do you get wickedly paranoid about knitting for other knitters? What knits do you knit for other knitters? How many times can I use a variation of “knit” in a sentence?