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February Socks [Part Two]

20 Feb


Here is the second pair of socks that I knitted for February. Ok. So, check out that colorway. No seriously. Check it out. Flotsam is so beautiful that I want to shove it in my mouth. The teal, blue, tan, and green just made me melt into my chair with how gorgeous they were together. I can honestly say that I would not mind AT ALL knitting this pattern again. Especially with this colorway.

Northbound Knitting completely knocked it out of the park with Flotsam. The BFL fingering yarn transformed this Lacy Mock Cable pattern into something more than just a plain old sock. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a tiny bit sad about parting with these. But I’m sending them to Northbound Knitting to keep Lisa’s toes warm so I know that they’re going to a good home!


Watched: Lost. I think I paid more attention to the pretty socks than to the show!

What have you knitted that pleasantly surprised you? Or, what have you knitted that surprised you in a bad way? Let me know!


February Socks [Part One]

18 Feb


So far, February has been nothing but socks. I’m currently working on my fourth pair! The socks above are The Weasley Homestead by Erica Lueder and they are knitted with Northbound Knitting‘s superwash merino fingering in her awesome Toxic colorway. I sped through this pattern like nobody’s business. And I know it was quick because I knit the second sock in less than three days!

It was a nice knit because the color and pattern together make the sock less feminine looking. Even my husband liked it! Once knitted, you see pops of lime green, pine, and a navy grey. The base is soft and squishy and holds up to handwashing. Since these have been finished, I think I’ve worn them three times!

I found that I didn’t use all 400 yards, even though I did an extra pattern repeat on the leg. Although that may be because I used size 1 US needles instead of size 2 US like the pattern calls for.

Watched: I watched A TON of Lost while knitting these socks and while I had originally planned to make some comment about Valentine’s Day being Toxic (you know, because of the colorway’s name) I have really found that these socks remind me of the jungles that the survivors of Oceanic 815 survived in!

What do you find yourself watching while you knit? Do you read? Listen to music? Do you sit through entire TV marathons on Netflix while you knit?

Make Up Your Mind

4 Jun


I’m trying to decide if I like knitting plain socks anymore. Maybe I just need a challenge.


14 May


A tub full of commissioned socks for men. 100% alpaca wool.

A tub full of commissioned socks for men. 100% alpaca wool.

And I hated knitting them. I really like the person I knitted  them FOR. Just not the yarn I was asked to use.

Plain Jane sock

Plain Jane sock

Plain Jane sock using Northbound Knitting Fingering in Nautical.

IMG_5459Plain Jane socks using Knit Picks in Minty.

IMG_5627Socks for KristiLynn using Knit Picks.

Yarn for cup cozies!

Yarn for cup cozies!

The grey yarn was dyed by Lisa of Northbound Knitting and the orange was dyed by Knitted Wit.

IMG_5650 IMG_5648 IMG_5636These three are examples of cup cozies that I’m knitting as wedding favors for my wedding!

More plain jane socks from a local yarn dyer whose name I can't remember and if I recall, can't be found online anyway.

More plain jane socks from a local yarn dyer whose name I can’t remember and if I recall, can’t be found online anyway.

IMG_5725A work in progress pic of Drizzle by Meghan Jackson using Berry Colorful Yarnings in Cheshire Cat.



This was a last minute Mother’s Day gift for my momma. She’s allergic to wool and most other things so I knit her this Storm Fir shawl by Fiddle Knits in Sprout (100% Organic Cotton) by Classic Elite Yarns. The colorway is Steel Blue which you really can’t tell from this picture but I swear, it is.


My Fingers Hurt

31 Oct

It’s been awhile since I posted. No real excuses to be honest. Other than I’m lazy.

Here’s a picture collage of what I’ve been working on since the lost post.


Starting from the top left corner, I’ve been working on a Vanadium by Lisa Mutch, trying to learn how to crochet, Five by Five by Felicia Lo, Hull by Lisa Mutch, Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker, and two pairs of Lifestyle socks.

The yarn I’ve been using has all been Northbound Knitting, Berry Colorful Yarnings, or Candy Skein, except for that delightful watermelon looking yarn which was hand spun by Weekend Knitter.

I’ve been keeping myself super busy. And I plan on continuing to do so. There are some designs by Meghan Jackson that I’m itching to get at.

[Photo Courtesy of Alex Tinsley]

Plus, even though I live in San Diego and they is really no need for hats, I am going to knit the Polaris hat by Alex Tinsley for myself. And Lisa Mutch will soon have a new design in the winter issue of Pom Pom Mag called Edda that I’ve decided I DESPERATELY need in my life.

Things have been busy, my darlings. And with Christmas/Festivus right around the corner, I don’t have time to stop!

What have you been working on? Are you planning on knitting for Christmas/Festivus/Winter Holidays?

Has It REALLY Been A Month?

25 Sep

Has it really been a month since I last blogged?

Zzyzx says “Why yes, yes it has.”

And what have I been working on?

Well, I’ve been taking on as much commission knitting as my little fingers can handle. A couple of days after my birthday I finished a sample for Cherry Tree Hill Yarns. It’s a lace weight scarf called Gypsy Rose.


It was an absolute delight to knit! And then I did some work for Miss Donna Druchunas which just got mailed out to her yesterday! Here are some pictures from that –




And now I’m taking a tiny break and knitting a Vanadium by Lisa Mutch (aka Northbound Knitting) for my Momma!

What’s been on your needles, darlings? Have you tackled any big projects? Oh, and have you thought about the fact that Christmas is only a few months away?

My Birthday Was An Exciting Day…

23 Aug


My birthday was this past Monday and was full of happiness. I got some neat gifts from some of my Twitter Knitter friends fal00la and defysocietyarts!


Zzyzx got neutered on Monday. And I finished up doing a commissioned piece (which I don’t think I can show you. So I won’t.) To say that I’ve been kind of busy is a little bit of an understatement.


But I’ve been knitting a few lovely things for Berry Colorful Yarnings and I have some other things in the works that I’m really excited to share with you guys when I can! XOXO my darlings!