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Oh Baby

22 May


I’ve been working on this blanket (Pattern is Baby Love Diagonal Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn) for the past week and a half. It’s mindless as all hell but I think sometimes you need a mindless knit before or after a challenging one.

I’ve also been stuck looking at KnitHacker a lot. I’m not gonna lie, the website/concept is REALLY cool but I dislike all of  the crochet things (Hello. It’s not CrochetHacker) or finding something that I don’t think is extraordinary like leg warmers. If there’s some crazy color work, then SURE. I’d love to see legwarmers! But a plain pair of ribbed leg warmers? No thanks.

It’s been getting warmer in San Diego, and as it happens every year when it heats up, my hands get clammy. I’ve been trying to think about working on lighter weight projects (you know… once I finish this blanket) and I’ve been thinking lots about socks or shawls. Nothing makes me happier than knitting a shawl. Mmmmm shaaawwlls.

Is it warming up where you are? What are your warmer weather go to knits?


My Fingers Hurt

31 Oct

It’s been awhile since I posted. No real excuses to be honest. Other than I’m lazy.

Here’s a picture collage of what I’ve been working on since the lost post.


Starting from the top left corner, I’ve been working on a Vanadium by Lisa Mutch, trying to learn how to crochet, Five by Five by Felicia Lo, Hull by Lisa Mutch, Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker, and two pairs of Lifestyle socks.

The yarn I’ve been using has all been Northbound Knitting, Berry Colorful Yarnings, or Candy Skein, except for that delightful watermelon looking yarn which was hand spun by Weekend Knitter.

I’ve been keeping myself super busy. And I plan on continuing to do so. There are some designs by Meghan Jackson that I’m itching to get at.

[Photo Courtesy of Alex Tinsley]

Plus, even though I live in San Diego and they is really no need for hats, I am going to knit the Polaris hat by Alex Tinsley for myself. And Lisa Mutch will soon have a new design in the winter issue of Pom Pom Mag called Edda that I’ve decided I DESPERATELY need in my life.

Things have been busy, my darlings. And with Christmas/Festivus right around the corner, I don’t have time to stop!

What have you been working on? Are you planning on knitting for Christmas/Festivus/Winter Holidays?

Me the Busy Bee

21 Mar

As I sat in traffic this morning, I thought a lot about what I need to accomplish over the next week. Most of you know we’ve got this exciting giveaway going on with Northbound Knitting (aka the wonderful Miss Lisa Mutch) so I’m trying to keep my excitement under wraps. The amount of traffic this blog got yesterday was so amazing that I had a celebratory drink! It even made me forget that on Friday I had to unravel my Lenore and start it all over again.

Saturday night this was all that remained of the Lenore Cardigan. Balls of yarn and on the left there, you’ll see the beginnings of me starting it over.

By Monday, I had finished the yoke and divided the sleeves again, now all in the right size. Apparently in my haste to finish the cardigan, I didn’t read Lisa’s pattern very well where it states to measure ACROSS your bust… not UNDERNEATH it like I had done. So I had to start all over. Sigh.

And yesterday we started the giveaway! Lisa had sent me a skein of Lust and a skein of Nocturne that she dyed so I could potentially knit Nightlock with them. (Which the night I opened it, I lusted over them. Get it? Eh? Eh? Poor jokes, I know.)


I decided that instead of knitting with those two skeins, I was going to squirrel them away like the yarn hoarder I am, and instead use Knit Picks Imagination sock yarn to knit Lisa’s Nightlock (which is the pattern Lisa has donated to be given away! Have you not entered this thing yet? All you have to do is comment!)

Here’s the yarn I plan to use:


The colorways are called Looking Glass and Castle Walls. I’ve been looking for the perfect project to use my Alice in Wonderland inspired yarn (and those of you that know me, know that I LOVE Alice in Wonderland) and I do believe that this is the perfect project. Nightlock is a really beautiful shawl. And it’s simple. So simple that I caught myself wondering “Why Didn’t I Come Up With This Myself?” The answer? Because I’m not a knit wear designer. Duh.

I have a busy week up until the wrap up of the give away next Wednesday (March 28th.) I need to knit Nightlock until this Friday. Then, Saturday and Sunday I need to knit an iPad cozy for my Dad’s birthday present and thank you knits for some wonderful people who send me nice things. For example, there is one wonderful Twitter Knitter out there who sent me some AWESOME Earl Grey Tea!


After my weekend break from Nightlock, I need to continue knitting it as fast as I can so I can have it done to show you all next Wednesday. Then, maybe, I can continue reworking Lenore so I can have a nifty sweater.

I am a busy bee! Are you as excited about this giveaway as I am? Have you entered in yet? If not, go to the post before this one and comment! That’s all you have to do!

Much love to you, my darling readers. And now, I have to cast on!

Oh For the Love of Knit Wear Designers

7 Mar

I’ve had the pleasure of being good acquaintances (on Twitter) with some awesome Designers. I mean, these gals go out of their way to help me if I have a question or give suggestions to make my knitting life easier (even if I’m not knitting one of their patterns!) These ladies include:

Allyson Dykhuizen – Owner of Sweatshop of Love and Holla Knits. Designer of all things yummy.

Deborah Glaser – Designs under the name Oblivious Knits. Super nice lady and designs some of the most scrumptious lace shawls I have EVER seen.

Erron Anderson – Of Knit Love. Has a family of six, designer, and all around awesome bloggess.

And now, now I’ve come into contact with Lisa Mutch. Now, some of you may remember that I’m knitting Lisa’s Lenore sweater.


I’ve been knitting the body of this for about a week now and I hadn’t given much thought to the sleeves until I saw someone else’s Lenore Sweater on rav which showed that the sweater had, for lack of a better term, flowy sleeves. Now, I’m a short girl and not particularly thin so I don’t imagine something with flowy sleeves would work for me. But Kristi and I had decided that this was the sweater we were going to knit, so I wasn’t about to just frog everything because I didn’t care for the sleeves.

Instead, I went looking around Miss Lisa’s other designs and found the Altostratus sweater. It is almost exactly like Lenore, but more form fitting. And the sleeves looked like they could be done on the Lenore sweater so I could take the sleeves from Altostratus and put them on the body of Lenore.

I did something I almost never do… I contacted the designer. Most of the time I just dive in head first on my crazy notions but this time, as the project is kinda costly to me due to the amount of yarn, I was cautious and messaged Lisa on Ravelry to see what she thought about the modification.

Within the hour, Lisa had messaged me back and even went ahead and sent me the Altostratus pattern.(HOW NICE OF HER!!!!) We’ve conversed about my ideas about the modification and it appears that we both agree it can be done.

Flipping through some of her other patterns, I’m beginning to fall in love with the simplicity that her designs express. Garments that can be worn for either gender, simple stitches, and each design displays the beauty of the yarn. I’m swooning over cowls (which I NEVER wear) and sweaters that are normally not my style. AND EVEN HATS. And you guys know how OVER hats I am!

The following pictures are from Lisa’s newest designs:

This is Sleet. A GORGEOUS cowl.

Trivium – A set of three! A cowl, hat, and fingerless gloves.

Iridium – A pullover sweater with a cowl neck.

Now I ask you, HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO KNIT ALL OF HER THINGS??? HMMM? And this is just THREE of her designs. That’s not even all of them!

So GO, my minions! Go now! Go look at Lisa Mutch’s designs and knit her beautiful things! If not for me, do it for yourself!

I’ve Got a Monster Butt

15 Feb


No, really, I do! This is the beginning of Hugo the Couch Potato Monster by Rebecca Danger. As I type this, I’m about halfway through knitting the body of Hugo using Berroco Comfort Chunky yarn. It’s my first time using double pointed needles (EVER) and my first time knitting a monster. It’s exciting times going on here!

This particular monster shall be going to my one and only momma and any following monsters shall be going to my super secret knitting project recipient!

That’s right! There’s a super secret project going on here at Miss Vicious Knits. Details to follow within the next couple of days!

What are you working on? Have you ever knitted a monster?

Work in Progress Wednesday

2 Feb

It’s the tail end of Wednesday but I think I’ve snuck in with just enough time to write a Work In Progress Wednesday post.

I finished my Certain Shade of Green shawl. It’s warm, it’s comfy, but it sheds. It doesn’t change the fact that I love it to effin’ pieces. Although would I recommend the pattern? Well, I’m not sure. I think with a different yarn, the pattern would have been easier. But I’m really not a fan of doing extra work on a wrong side. Give me complicated decreases and increases on the right side and I’m fine. But ask me to do the same on the wrong side of my work? It makes me want to throw in the towel.

So yeah, shenanigans with that? Over and done with. NEXT PROJECT?

The Gingko Shoulderette Shawl by Maggie Magali! And guess what? IT ASKS ME TO DO WORK ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE SHAWL! But it’s alright because I’m using Madelinetosh Sock yarn in Nectar.

This particular colorway reminds me of Amy Winehouse’s ballet slippers and how I imagine they’d look after being dirtied by the city streets of London. It’s coming together fantastically so far and I’m really pleased that I decided to do this particular pattern for the one and only Miss Jillian. And up next? Who knows! I may or may not have some big, secret plans for my knitting (and blogging) future!

So what are you working on? What is making your knitting fantasies come true? What is on your needles this Wednesday?


I Am Miss Vicious

7 Oct

Sometimes I get into this funk where in the knitting community, I feel like a little fish in a big, BIG pond. Here I am, swimming around, barely making a ripple. Whereas the big fish, like Stephen West, make tidal waves as they go through their days swimming.

But Miss Kim reminded me of something. She said to me tonight “are not! [Referring to me calling myself a small fish] Yous Miss Vicious for fucks sake! You are immense in yarnballs and attitude :-)”

And she’s right. I AM Miss Vicious. I might not make huge waves in the knitting community but I do some kick ass work and have made some awesome knitting friends. I can power out shawls like you cannot believe and even though I might get frustrated with a project, I never give up. I have conquered sweaters and lace shawls and have even attempted to design a thing or two.

One day, yes, it’d be nice to be a big fish (Oh-hello-Stephen-West-fame), but maybe for now, I can settle for being a kick ass small fish.

With that being said, What the Fuck has my problem been lately? Every morning on my commute into work I’ve thought to myself “I need to write a blog post today” and instead, I’ve been procrastinating. Because I felt like I’d already written some awesome posts and that I had plateaued. How disappointed have you all been, knowing that I haven’t written a sassy new post for you to read? I know you’ve been dying to hear about my finished projects.

Using custom dyed AtKnitsEnd yarn for my mom's Christmas shawl

Since the last time I posted, I finished the From Dawn Till Dusk Shawlette by Tetiana Otruta, created a wrap based off of a cowl called A Cowl with a Little Twist by Linda Frydl, finished a Zig Zag Shawl by Marion Bulin, finished New Moon Shawl by Anita Grahn, and started two christmas projects. BOOYAH. I have been a busy bee for the past couple of weeks. Not to mention that on Monday I plan on participating in the At Knits End Knit-A-Long featuring the Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes.

How have you darlings been? Working your fingers to the bone? Knitting up a storm? Lusting for a new Miss Vicious Knits blog post? Tell me all the juicy gossip!