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BAHHHHHHHHHHH! (And not like a sheep!)

25 Apr


I’m gonna just go ahead and say it…

For fuck’s sake. And BBBAAAHHHHHHH!

And now that I’ve gotten THAT out of my system…

This is the unfinished baby sleeping sack I knit for Project: Knit for Erron. I finished it yesterday, but I seem to have a problem with posting finished objects. I rarely block things after I finish them. I bind off, and just move on to the next thing. I still need to block and post pictures of the Sheena Bat Shawl, my finished Torrent, and a finished picture of this baby sleeping sack. And I need to write up my commentary on them.

The baby sleep sack and the Sheena Bat Shawl aren’t even for me! I need to get those knits out the door! I LOVE knitting for people. I really really do. I just have a problem getting their knits in the mail. And I love knitting for other people as long as I get to choose what I’m knitting. I’m hard headed and don’t like being told what to knit.

With that being said, I was SUPER excited because here I was, thinking out of the box and going to knit Atmospheric by Meghan Jackson in Northbound Knitting Lace (instead of fingering weight like it calls for) and while I was putting my size 4 Knit Picks Harmony interchangable needles onto a longer cable, my effing needle snapped right at the metal base. And oh boy, there was some screaming in the apartment this morning. Fiance and his children thought I had hurt myself. Nope, I just effing managed to break the only pair of size four needles I own. Great. AWESOME.

So now I’m going to try and use the only size 3’s I have by Chiao Goo that are sucky because of the join but I’m going to try to use anyway because I’m stubborn.

Recap: I’m a frustrated and seriously cranky knitter today.


KNITSPIRATION: Torrent by Lisa Mutch

16 Apr


Today’s Knitspiration is all over the place. I started knitting Torrent by Lisa Mutch (which will be released soon!) after I finished doing my special bat shawl for Miss Kim from At Knits End Yarns using her beautiful Sheena Ewe Punk Rocker (did you know that Kim is giving a skein of it away? Check the last blog post!)

The bat shawl aggravated me. I kept making stupid simple mistakes and my best friend, Kristi, said to me “I know why you’re making so many mistakes and unraveling so much work lately. It’s because you’re not challenging yourself! Do what challenges you and what you’re good at… knit super complex lace shawls!” And she’s right, I was boring myself. I’d been doing so much mindless stockinette with the Bat Shawl and Lenore that I was just downright bored. The most exciting thing I’d done was the Nightlock and the only reason that challenged me was because of the color work!

So I decided to knit Torrent because Lisa’s Nightlock was very zen-filled and I needed some zen. Plus, Torrent is a little challenging because of the color changes.

ANYWAY, so the knitspiration explanation…

– CANADA! (Lisa’s from Canada. I’m using Lisa’s yarn for the Torrent PLUS Torrent is her design.)
– Zig Zags
– Lotus (The lotus flower is very zen to me. And as this is a zen knit, I immediately thought of the lovely flower!)
– 30 Rock & Supernatural (I’ve been watching these shows a lot while knitting.)
– Chinchilla Blanket (I have a faux chinchilla fur blanket from Target that I wrapped myself up in this weekend while knitting)
-Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards
– Coffee and Smoothies (Things that gave me energy this weekend while knitting!)

What’s been inspiring you while you’ve been knitting? Or what’s been inspiring you to knit?

I’m The Worst Kind of Knitter…

16 Mar

I’m the worst kind of knitter. I’m the IMPATIENT knitter. I want my knitting to be done NOW so I can see the beautiful result of my hard work.

This is not a good thing to be, I have learned. Especially on my latest quest to complete the lovely Lenore Sweater by Lisa Mutch so that I could post the finished product here and get started on something awesome for you, my lovely readers.

I took some pictures yesterday of the finished body.


And was so excited that I even posted pictures on Twitter and emailed them to Lisa, Kristi, and Kim.


You guys know Kim. I speak of her awesomeness on a weekly basis. She runs At Knits End Yarns and is my go-to dyer. And her yarn always smells so yummy that I ALWAYS stick my nose in it.


So now that I’ve explained that I’m an impatient knitter, I’ll explain the following picture:

This blurry awesomeness was taken by my Fiance who admits this is the most unflattering picture of me ever. In my hurry to knit this up quickly, I didn’t quite read Lisa’s instructions as well as I should have. And when figuring out what size I needed to knit, I measured underneath my bust, instead of across my bust. So what we have going on in that picture is a very tight/taut back piece.

WOE IS ME, my darlings! I effed this one up real good. So last night Fiance, Kristi, and I waited on baited breath for a response from Lisa as to what should be done. Should I keep on knitting and hope that with a good blocking, the back would be magically fixed? Or should I unravel it all and start all over?

Lisa thinks with a good steaming, the piece will loosen up. And I’m really hoping she’s right! I have some AWESOME things that need to get knitted so that I can do some AWESOME giveaways for you guys. I can’t do the giveaways until I’ve knit the awesome things that need to be knitted. I can’t knit the awesome things until I finish my cardigan.

This is why it does NOT pay off to be an impatient knitter. I should have taken my time with this project instead of trying to zip through it so I could have a new sweater to wear.

What is the worst knitting mistake you’ve made due to impatience? Have you ever run into the same mistake I did?