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KNITSPIRATION: Project: Knit for Erron

24 Apr


Here is this week’s Knitspiration! It’s a day late because I had a relative come in from out of town so I was busy yesterday. But here it is in all it’s glory!

– Baby Sack (I’m knitting a sleep sack for Project: Knit for Erron. I’ve got some other things I have and will knit for her. But this one is keeping my fingers occupied!)
– Knit Picks Palette Summer Sampler + Lovely Northbound Knitting yarn (This is part of my awesome stash that I get to stare at. I’ve been using the Knit Picks Palette in Marina and Tranquil for Erron’s sleep sack. And next I get to use Northbound Knitting lace in Sullen!)
– Erron (Erron is my knitspiration this week! I’ve been knitting for her and I keep chanting “Must Finish for Erron and Baby No Name!” over and over again in my head.)
Northbound Knitting lace yarn in Sullen (It’s beautiful and gorgeous and the color looks JUST like denim. I get to use it for my next project!)
– Zzyzx (This is my kitten baby. Even though he’s almost a year old, he still keeps me inspired to keep knitting! Mostly so he won’t attack my projects…)
Atmospheric by Meghan Jackson (On Friday, Lisa Mutch & Meghan Jackson released their Strange Rains collection and Atmospheric was on of the designs in the ebook. I am SO excited to get to knit this project next!)
– Peas in a Pod (Erron says she likes bold colors and I figured a nice teal and subtle grey-green would be nice for Baby No Name’s sleep sack. The colors together remind me of peas in a pod!)