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Waffle House Socks [February Socks Part Three]

18 Mar


Yarn Used: Northbound Knitting Superwash BFL/Nylon Fingering in Midnight
Pattern: Waffle House Socks by Bklynhandspun
Needle Size: US1

Let me start off by saying that I could not get a good picture of these socks to save my life. Sometimes I’m luck with my phone and can get great pictures. And sometimes… well… not so much.

The Yarn
Midnight is one of my favorite colorways to work with. (On second thought, am I saying that about all Northbound Knitting yarn?) It gives just enough varigation to make the passed over stitches pop out, which I really dig. I didn’t want a pair of crazy colored socks and Midnight really just called out to me. It’s a dark grey with light grey sprinkled around. That’s right. I said “sprinkled”. And you know what? That’s what makes it fabulous.
The superwash BFL/Nylon has a nice ply to it and just like my Toxic Socks, it is soft and squishy. Hooray soft and squishy!

The Pattern
The Waffle House pattern is a little monotonous with its two row repeat. However, the PYSO made me pay attention. Plus, the socks remind me of thermal! And the recipient (Lisa), lives in Canada which makes me think she needs warm things and thermal reminds me of warm! My crazy thought process helped push me to finish the project.

I know I’ve been less than consistent with my blogging. As most of you know, life is sometimes crazy and gets in the way of my writing. I’ve been knitting like a fiend and have drafted up some blog posts so hopefully that will keep me more on top of things.

What have you all been knitting lately? Have you been on a sock kick like I’ve been?
Also, knitters, I need help! Most of the time I consider myself an advanced knitter, with knowledge on different yarns and how to do certain techniques and the like but I have gotten myself stumped. Northbound Knitting has some LOVELY single ply fingering weight yarn (and I recently acquired some) but I realized I’ve never worked with it before. Dear knitters, what do YOU (personally) use single ply yarn for? What is your favorite project using it?

Watched: Lost. More and more Lost.


February Socks [Part Two]

20 Feb


Here is the second pair of socks that I knitted for February. Ok. So, check out that colorway. No seriously. Check it out. Flotsam is so beautiful that I want to shove it in my mouth. The teal, blue, tan, and green just made me melt into my chair with how gorgeous they were together. I can honestly say that I would not mind AT ALL knitting this pattern again. Especially with this colorway.

Northbound Knitting completely knocked it out of the park with Flotsam. The BFL fingering yarn transformed this Lacy Mock Cable pattern into something more than just a plain old sock. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a tiny bit sad about parting with these. But I’m sending them to Northbound Knitting to keep Lisa’s toes warm so I know that they’re going to a good home!


Watched: Lost. I think I paid more attention to the pretty socks than to the show!

What have you knitted that pleasantly surprised you? Or, what have you knitted that surprised you in a bad way? Let me know!

February Socks [Part One]

18 Feb


So far, February has been nothing but socks. I’m currently working on my fourth pair! The socks above are The Weasley Homestead by Erica Lueder and they are knitted with Northbound Knitting‘s superwash merino fingering in her awesome Toxic colorway. I sped through this pattern like nobody’s business. And I know it was quick because I knit the second sock in less than three days!

It was a nice knit because the color and pattern together make the sock less feminine looking. Even my husband liked it! Once knitted, you see pops of lime green, pine, and a navy grey. The base is soft and squishy and holds up to handwashing. Since these have been finished, I think I’ve worn them three times!

I found that I didn’t use all 400 yards, even though I did an extra pattern repeat on the leg. Although that may be because I used size 1 US needles instead of size 2 US like the pattern calls for.

Watched: I watched A TON of Lost while knitting these socks and while I had originally planned to make some comment about Valentine’s Day being Toxic (you know, because of the colorway’s name) I have really found that these socks remind me of the jungles that the survivors of Oceanic 815 survived in!

What do you find yourself watching while you knit? Do you read? Listen to music? Do you sit through entire TV marathons on Netflix while you knit?

Cranberry Socks

15 Jan


I have been sick, had allergy attacks, gotten a sinus infection, and had to get my puppy fixed since my last post. So I am TERRIBLY sorry for the delay!

I have officially finished the first pair of socks of the year and officially can cross of January off the list of months for the 12 Months of North Bound Knitting Sock Project! It has been nice to have a somple project to do instead of something complex. It’s given me time to appreciate the color and yarn instead of focusing on a pattern so much that I’m just trying to push through.

Here are some of my notes about the yarn:
– It is Superwash BFL/Nylon fingering
– The yarn is softer knitted up than it is while knitting
– The color is dark red with hints of brown

I really just can’t get over how gorgeous the Northbound Knitting yarn looks knitted up. All of the stockinette stitches line up just so perfectly. It’s an OCD person’s dream!

New Years Resolutions

3 Jan

I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions. It seems like an extreme amount of dedication that I just don’t have in me. Go to the gym? I haven’t been to a gym in my adult life. Quit smoking? Thats the one thing I HAVEN’T quit on. I just don’t have the stamina to do shit like that.

BUT this year, oh this year I believe I’ve got a resolution I can stick to. And with that, I’m introducing the 12 Months of North Bound Knitting Sock Project! Each month I’ll knit a pair of socks using gorgeous North Bound Knitting yarn. Any pattern I desire, as long as it is made with NBK yarn. And I’ll review the colorway/base so that all you lovely readers can know what I’m working with.

To start the year off, January is Superwash BFL/Nylon fingering in the colorway Cranberry. I’ve decided to knit a pair of plain jane socks to that the year off and because I’m just knitting stockinette, the rich cranberry color is coming out BEAUTIFULLY!

Do you all have resolutions? Am I crazy for thinking they are just a pain in the ass? If you have a resolution, or have had one in the past, have you ever managed to keep up with it?

Pics of Cranberry socks in next week’s post, I promise!


Zen Knits

11 Dec

I’ve been knitting a lot of zen projects before the wedding (it went great, by the way!) and up until now. The stress of planning the wedding left me feeling scattered and forgetful so I needed something to easily knit and find my center with and now that the dust has settled (from the wedding) there have been a lot of stressful things going on and I, yet again, have found myself needing projects to help me find my zen (and keep me calm. Stress doesn’t help my Lupus at all!)

The following are my “go-to” projects for finding my zen:

1 – Meditation Mittens by Mary Keenan

2 – Plain Jane/Vanilla toe up socks

3 – Nightlock by Lisa Mutch

4 – Torrent by Lisa Mutch

5 – Diagonal Comfort Blanket by Lion Brand

6 – Log Cabin Blanket (fingering weight yarn, doubled over, and using only scrap yarn)


What are your go to zen knits?

I’m In Love… An Interview with Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

26 Jun
Glacial by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Glacial by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud


Apparently I’ve started a new series of blog posts. The “I’m In Love” series will be about all of the designers/dyers/products I love. Sometimes with interviews, sometimes not. Miss Ruth Garcia-Alcantud of Rock+Purl was stellar enough to let me interview her. I’ve been dying to ask her questions ever since I saw her amazing designs a few years ago. Ruth is a doll, opinionated, funny, and a darling. Her knits are beautiful and I can’t believe she agreed to let me interview her!


Rockpool by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Rockpool by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud



Miss Vicious Knits: To knitters who don’t know your awesome self, how would you introduce them to you?
Ruth: Hi I’m Ruth and I drink a lot of coffee. 🙂 My designs are nothing but wearable art to me, they are engineered to enhance the figure and create an even more beautiful you!!

MVK: We’re halfway though 2013, did you have a knitting goal? Have you achieved it?
Ruth: Ha! Not even close. I thought I’d be two-thirds done with my book by now… but other interesting propositions came around, which I think will raise my profile up and therefore give a bigger boost to the book upon its release, so I chose to pursue those. Curious? Come winter you will find out!!

MVK: What’s currently on your needles?
Ruth: I’m finishing a pair of socks for myself, as well as working on a book garment with the luscious Indigodragonfly Merino Silk Sock. As TNNA is coming up soon I’m also thinking of something easy and mindless to stitch on while I have meals and drinks with my friends!

MVK: How would you describe your design style?
Ruth: In terms of process, I’m a blueprint designer – I am far more inclined to design something when I think there’s a challenge in how to manipulate a simple shape to become more flattering. In terms of fashion style? I like wearable shapes that tend towards being wardrobe staples, I encourage my customers to pick their colours and yarns in order to flatter them, and love seeing those wardrobe staples taking a life of their own – from the people that dress up one of my hoodies (Chambourcin) with a pencil skirt to those that add sass to a school uniform with my sweaters (Agnes Pullover).

Caramel by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Caramel by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud


MVK: Your designs are pretty and elegant. What was your favorite piece to design?
Ruth: I’ve the softest of spots for Caramel. It was a delight to create, from its conception stage (pencil sketch) to the blueprint (schematics) – I knew the yarn I wanted to use and could envision the finished project clearly, including the buttons and the ribbon on the edging. It’s beautiful and I wish it got more attention!

MVK: Tell us about your book!
Ruth: My publisher is Cooperative Press – I chose to pitch to them because of the freedom of choice in terms of style and feel for the book, as well as the very open and honest conversations we have regarding deadlines and involvement of external people in the project. CP’s Shannon Okey has been incredibly supportive of my career and progress since I very first started, so it only makes this project all the more special.
The book will be full of garments you will want to knit and wear, in a huge variety of sizes, from 30 to 50 inches and more. The yarns have been carefully selected to match the projects and the feel of the garment – some of the yarn dyers involved so far are Indigodragonfly, Skein Queen, Northbound Knitting, Candy Skein, Three Irish Girls…. and there’s a lot more to come!!
I’m hoping this book will introduce the rock+purl style to those who don’t know it yet while also appealing to those who have been knitting my designs for a while…, and hope it paves the way for future books!

MVK: What are your favorite yarns to work with?
Ruth: I’m in a committed, long-term love affair with Rowan Felted Tweed. My first ever garment was made with it and I keep coming back to it. I’ve approx 4 sweater lots of it in my studio, waiting to be knit. For socks, I love Hazel Knits, it’s SO perfect for socks and their colours are delicious! A worsted weight I recently fell in love with is Anzula’s For Better or Worsted. It’s SO cushy and beautiful, with incredible stitch definition – I’m looking forward to playing with it some more! Another independent dyer you all should keep an eye out is Wool Dispensary. Incredibly saturated colours and great bases. I still can’t pick which one I’ll use in my book!!!

Sincerely Yours by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Sincerely Yours by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud


MVK: Who is your designer crush?
Ruth: Oh that’s a TOUGH one!!! There are many people I admire and different reasons for it. I admire Eunny Jang because I can’t think of anyone else who could invent the Tangled Yoke pattern. I’m in awe of Kim Hargreaves because she’s so prolific and classy. I have the pleasure of counting Woolly Wormhead as a close friend and I can tell you the spatial abilities and ways to un-vent hats she has just blow me away.

MVK: I, personally, would love to know what inspires you?
Ruth: I love people-watching, and things-watching. Sometimes I’ll gladly sit somewhere and just stare into space, see things in unexpected places, a window frame can tell me to be a sweater. A balcony was the inspiration for my current Mystery Shawl. A hand on someone’s shoulder triggered the design for a garment for my book. I also tend to keep an open mind and stay up to speed with trends. I subscribe to Vogue and read it carefully, I watch what’s out in stores, what people are wearing when I see someone that looks confident and comfortable…

MVK: How did you first start designing knitwear?
Ruth: It was a bit of synergy. I was unemployed and found myself needing to create further than just following a pattern. Increasingly I was counting on books and chats to my father (who has worked in fashion forever) for modifications to existing knits, discussions on what does and doesn’t work… and the last straw was a sweater that fit me like a tent. I chose to start small – I designed shawls and socks at first, while I worked carefully on garment designs. Once those were a bit more seasoned, I switched gears and chose to stay on a part-time office job while boosting production on my garment designs, learning fit, fabric qualities and grading.
Everyone’s paths are different, I guess mine was a combination of factors, but it worked out: I just celebrated my one-year self-employedversary!!


Thank you again to Ruth for allowing me to interview her! You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, her website, AND on Ravelry! Next up is Andi Satterlund of Untangling Knots!

P.S. – All photos courtesy of Ruth! 🙂